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We provide a comprehensive suit of Workplace Health & Safety services to ensure your business is fully compliant, and your employees are safe. Our services include:

WHS Audit:

Conducting a comprehensive audit of workplace policies and procedures is a crucial practice to ensure adherence to regulatory obligations and enhance the overall safety of your business. At Employment Wise, our meticulous auditing approach involves a thorough evaluation of existing policies, procedures, and practices, considering not only what’s on paper but also the practical implementation in day-to-day operations. This includes a detailed assessment of risk management strategies, emergency procedures, safety training programs, equipment maintenance, and compliance with relevant WHS laws. Our goal is to pinpoint any gaps in your current system, deliver a comprehensive report with findings, and provide expert advice on enhancements.

WHS Documentation:

Creating legally compliant documentation is a crucial element in establishing a safe and compliant workplace. Crafting documents that adhere to the intricacies of Australian WHS laws is overwhelming, but at Employment Wise, we utilise our in-depth knowledge of these regulations to aid you in creating essential documentation. This encompasses safety policies, handbooks, guides. procedures, risk assessments, incident reports, training logs, and equipment maintenance records. Our commitment ensures that these documents not only meet statutory requirements but are also customised to tackle the unique risks in your workplace. By delegating this responsibility to us, you can concentrate on your core business activities, while we guarantee your documentation remains current, comprehensive, and fully compliant. 

WHS Advice:

Navigating the complexities of workplace injuries and workers’ compensation within the legal framework can be overwhelming. At Employment Wise, we are committed to providing clear and actionable advice on all WHS matters, particularly those involving sensitive issues like workplace injuries. Our guidance extends to managing and reporting such injuries, ensuring your business fulfills its obligations under workers’ compensation laws. Additionally, our team educates your business on preventive measures to minimise the risk of work-related injuries and establishes a robust response plan for incidents.

Ongoing Support and Management:

After the audit process, your organisation will not only possess a comprehensive understanding of WHS but will also be well-equipped for long-term success. At Employment Wise, our commitment to ongoing support is integral to this journey, providing you with the necessary tools to navigate WHS and legal aspects seamlessly as your business expands. We recognise that success is an ongoing process, and our dedicated team creates a manageable framework that ensures you remain in control of all safety-related aspects. 

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