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We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to cater to all your employment consultancy needs:

Compliance Review

This involves conducting audits of your workplace to identify and address any potential gaps. We assist in creating crucial documents such as policies, contracts, handbooks, guides, forms, and inductions. Our team advises on changes to employment legislation, Awards, and other relevant updates

Advice Line

Clients can ring or book consultation calls for all employment-related matters. This includes general advice, guidance on terminations, and Fair Work claims, among others. We also provide drafted employment letters and documentation to be given to employees from the client.

Workplace Health & Safety

Our services include audits of workplace policies and procedures. We assist in the creation of all necessary documents to ensure compliance. We provide advice on WHS matters, including injuries, workers' compensation, and other related issues.


We also offer additional services, including payroll management, onsite investigations, onsite training sessions, and more!

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