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At Employment Wise, we understand that every business has unique needs and challenges. Our custom add-on services offer the flexibility and individualised attention that small businesses require.

While our subscription packages provide a comprehensive range of services, we acknowledge that there may be instances where you require specialised HR or legal assistance beyond the scope of the standard package.

Our add-on services are tailored to such instances, providing dedicated support and bespoke solutions whenever you need them. Whether it’s a complex HR project, in-depth legal consultations, or crisis management, our team of experts is ready to step in and offer their specialised skills.

Being a boutique firm based out of Sydney, NSW, we are agile and client-focused. We pride ourselves on offering a personal touch, giving you access to senior consultants who understand your business and its specific needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Our competitive pricing strategy ensures that you receive top-notch service without breaking the bank. Let us worry about your HR and legal needs, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Require something different? Explore some of our other services.

Swiftly address workplace incidents with our on-site investigations service. Our skilled investigators ensure confidentiality and professionalism, delivering a comprehensive report to mitigate legal risks and maintain a positive work environment. For delicate employee matters, opt for our on-site meetings and training service. Our consultants, equipped with HR and legal expertise, handle tough conversations on your behalf, adhering to laws and best practices, and also deliver training sessions to develop your staff and ensure you’re compliant. This service not only reduces legal risks but also upholds professionalism, allowing you to navigate challenging situations with confidence and tact

Navigate workplace legalities confidently with our representation service. Employment Wise offers Fair Work Commission and Ombudsman representation, ensuring your voice is heard and rights are protected. Trust our experienced team to guide you through labor law complexities, providing expert support throughout the process.

In the challenging situation of facing a claim, access to the right expertise is crucial. Employment Wise understands the stress involved when a claim is made against you. We provide the necessary knowledge and business understanding to efficiently address claims, offering the support needed to navigate such situations with confidence.

Unlock comprehensive legal support for both employment-related matters and broader workplace and business issues with our Legal service. Our specialist employment lawyers offer guidance across the entire spectrum of employment law, covering workplace relations, industrial relations, and work health and safety. Trust us to provide the expertise needed to navigate legal intricacies and ensure robust solutions for your business.

Enhance your workforce with our dedicated Recruitment service. We go beyond the ordinary to help Australian businesses find the perfect fit for their organisations. Rooted in care, communication, and genuine partnership, our consultants offer a meticulous and comprehensive recruitment service. Drawing on years of experience and knowledge, we ensure that every hiring process is tailored to your specific needs, bringing unparalleled expertise to the art of building the right team for your success.

Whether you’re looking to employ overseas workers or invest in an Australian business, our consultants are here to assist. Employment Wise caters to Australian businesses and individuals, offering expert advice and strategic assistance on migration and citizenship matters. With specialised knowledge across all business types and industries, our migration specialists deliver timely and tailor-made guidance for a seamless migration experience.

Elevate your financial management with our payroll and corporate accounting service, designed to bring efficiency and insights to your business. Our specialists offer comprehensive solutions for both payroll and corporate accounting, ensuring financial processes are streamlined and aligned with your strategic goals. From precise payroll management to strategic corporate financial insights, we provide a holistic approach to enhance your financial efficiency and drive sustainable business growth.

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