Employment Wise Guides

Employment Contracts

An employment contract is essentially a formal document that spells out the agreement between an employer and employee. It details the rules and conditions both must follow throughout their work relationship. While it's not mandatory for this agreement to be written down, it's definitely better if it is.

Employment Law

As an employer in Australia, it is your responsibility to understand and adhere to the country's employment laws, ensuring that your workplace is safe and welcoming for all employees. This means creating an environment where bullying, discrimination, and harassment are not tolerated.

Hiring and Onboarding

In Australia, hiring and onboarding new employees is a crucial process that sets the tone for their entire experience with your company. It is important to have a well-planned and structured approach to ensure a smooth transition for both the employee and the organization.

Modern Awards

In Australia, most private businesses are part of the national workplace relations system. This system is defined by the Fair Work Act of 2009 and includes rules and bodies that enforce minimum job conditions. This Act spells out the basic rules for work conditions in the National Employment Standards (NES), modern awards, and agreements between enterprises.

Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential documents for any organization, helping to define the rules, regulations, and processes that govern its operations. They serve as a guide for employees on how to behave in different situations and ensure consistency in decision-making.

Workplace Health and Safety

Good workplace health and safety practices start at the top. It's crucial for leaders, including directors and board members, to assume both collective and individual responsibility for maintaining health and safety standards, regardless of the size of the business.